Gorges Du Verdon
Côte D'Azur

So Nice in Nice

Zack coast
It was a tough steep ride into Nice through Gourdon, but beautiful.  Weather in Nice was excellent with about 5 minutes of rain and mostly cool weather for the climbs.  Food was fantastic, as usual, and we stayed in the same hotel for two nights, which was a rare treat.  

That also meant that on our "easy" day we were able to drop about 5 pounds of bags from the bikes, making the climbs somewhat less taxing.  On this day, Mike and Pavan cycled the Col de la Madonne, a famous Lance Armstrong training ride.  Kaj and I cycled the Grande Corniche, then into Ventimiglia, Italy and through the Formula 1 Grand Prix Tunnels of Monaco.  Luckily Kaj had 2 beers at lunch that day and was fearless.  


Gotta correct you here. Until you are in France, it is not my jurisdiction. But in Italy... It is Ventimiglia, which means twenty miles, although you seem to have biked a bit longer ;-)

You are the coolest friend I have, BTW.


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