Yak Whisperer Goes to Iceland
Glacier Walk

Traveling Light


It's my first trip to Iceland, so I'm not sure what to expect other than, uh, ice. Weather says it's about 12 degrees, but I'm not sure whether that's Farenheit, Celsius or Kelvin.

So I'm packing my parka, rain pants, fleece, flashlight, bass, tuner, multi-stomp effects pedals, guitar cables, wireless cables, portable amp, not-so-portable amp, noise cancelling headphones, other headphones, headphone amp, digital audio recorder, drum machine, iRig, Ampkit, digital SLR, digital compact camera, video recorder, portable hard drive, laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod, iPod shuffle, Big Jambox, not-so-big Jambox, Digital-Audio-Converter, line splitter, y-cables, Kindle, reading light, GPS, charger, optical cables, sync cables, non-sync cables, backup batteries, backup backup cables, heart rate monitor, Fitbit, alarm clock, Nespresso machine, smartwatch, stop watch, dumb watch and getting away from it all. Just the essentials. Also, some hiking boots, but I'm not sure I'll really need those.

As they say in Iceland: Haltu kjafti og drekka Brennivín þína.


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