Landed in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia
Gun Galuut Nature Preserve

Greetings from Ulaan Bataar


We're now in Ulaan Bataar, a city of more than 1,000,000 people, plus yaks.  Very soviet looking architecture.  Also seems like they have trouble spelling here.

Hoping to find a blues club later on.  That would seem a natural fit.  I don't expect Mongolia gets the top headlining acts, but still, I would expect rock bands like Cheap Trick or Styx probably come through here after the mid-west county fair season ends.  I mean, where else are they gonna play?  

But I can't find a bloody thing in the guide books. So typical. About as useful as a Tovarich Samizdat after Glasnost.  So I may have to settle for an iced cold Starbucks decaf Yak-uccino mocha frappé.  

The whole thing reminds me of the epic poem "Greetings from Ulan Bator" by Sweden's most famous modern poet, Tomas Transförmer.

Han räknar med sin kalkylatorrrr
Översätter med translatorrrr
Skriver breven med sin datorrrr
Hälsningar från Ulan Batorrrr!

Which roughly translates to:

He counts with his calculatorrr
Translates with an interpreterrr.
Writes his letter with a computerrr.
Greetings from Ulan Batorrrr.

There are in fact 817 different verses, but that's pretty much the highlight.  You know, I could see Styx incorporating that into a revised version of "Kilroy Was Here."


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