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Landed in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia

Time Travel in Korea


I finally figured out how they made all that weird time travel stuff work in LOST.  Instead of filming in Hawaii, I think they actually filmed it in Korea or even Mongolia.  We left San Francisco yesterday and got to Korea tomorrow.  And on the way back, we arrive before we left.  WTF?  Next thing you know I'll be seeing polar bears.

Although come to think of it, it would have been more appropriate if Locke had been attacked by a giant Yak. Talk about being in deep Kimchi!  That would have been, like, totally disruptive. 

Can't wait to get to the beaches of Mongolia. Woohoo!

GPS Update:

Click the link to see a map:,126.45036&ll=37.45023,126.45036&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1 

Click on this link to view most recent week of GPS waypoints:


You obviously don't get what LOST is about in the least. I mean, John Locke? Hello? Or Rousseau? Did you even friggin watch the outtakes from Season 4? It's all explained right there if you pay attention. The polar bear is symbolic of the people's struggle in the third stage of the revolution. It follows then that Locke is as much a symbol of oppression as the system in which he is imprisoned. Like, duh.

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