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As far as I can tell, my wife has now seen every film that has been set in Mongolia.  Ok, she slept through one or two.  Which after having watched several, is perfectly understandable.  

There are two styles of films about Mongolia.  Either it is an avant garde documentary about Ghengis Khan and his ancien régime narrated by Peter Graves (who is actually older than Genghis Kahn and worked with him on Broadway in "Man of La Mancha".)  Or it is a Cinéma vérité film à propos of some nomadic family living deep in the vast Mongolian plains who send their kids to the big city via camel to go buy some decaf coffee for their ailing camel, dog or yak.  In fact, I think it may be the same film just re-cut with different animals and subtitles.  Qui sait?

Here's a partial list:

At any rate, I'm somewhat worried that I don't see any beaches in these films.  In fact, it doesn't look like Tahiti at all. Merde alors!


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