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The New Yak Whisperer Logo


You may have noticed that there's a new logo on The Yak Whisperer site.  I got rid of that piece of JuNK designed by that nobody Paul Rand. What has he ever done?  Nada. Especially lately.  

I can't believe Jobs paid $100,000 for that crappy NeXT logo.  That's like 25 grand a letter.  You never want to pay per letter.  Cuz then the bigger your brand is the more its gonna cost you.  Not the smartest approach, if you ask me.  

Still, Steve paid less than the prior Yak management paid Rand for their fancy-pants logo. Honestly, I'm too embarrassed to show the old logo or even talk about what it cost. Adiós and good riddance. Lets just say, I think the original management team was spending way more on hookers and blow, so in the grand scheme of things, its not that big a deal.  

I told the board we needed a new logo with cojones. Something better suited to our social networking raison d'etre and that I could get it done for the bargain price of $250,000.  Which come to think of it, that's still $25k a letter.  Whatever.  But its still less than that fugly UK Olympic logo. That monstrosity cost £400,000 frigging English pounds which is like nearly a million real dollars give or take a coupla pints of flat warm beer.  Lord knows, you'd need a few of those if you wrote the check for that turkey.

Plus I got the designers to throw in the tagline treatment free of charge.  So actually, we saved money.  

And it was way cheaper than going to Christo to cover the Mongolian steppe region in inflatable pink & blue yaks which was our original idea for a PR stunt.  Christo kept arguing that yaks are from Tibet.  As if.  That guy has such an ego.  


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