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(Photo: Rain-soaked yak and handler by DeeDee)
The Yak Whisperer is a journal of my travels to Mongolia.  Or at least it will be when I get there.  Or more likely, when I get back.  You may find some
SPOT GPS updates here

I bought the domain name from a failed Kleiner-Perkins productivity-enhancing social-networking unified messaging cloud infrastructure SaaS virtual distributed open source crowdsource system that was, alas, ahead of its time.  Possibly by several centuries.  Despite the obvious nascent demand for the local nomadic culture to increase the size of their online ecosystem, it seems that without access to high-speed broadband, Mongolia's generation Z is going to build their social network by traveling by camel and actually meeting in person.  As if that's scalable.  

All I can say is their loss is our gain.  

Tune in again tomorrow, won't you?

Or as they say in Mongolia: Namaste, dude. 

--Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
  June 2010

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what happend to the old yakwhisperer site? this one totally sux. you suck. this is completely lame.


Hello Mr Yak Whinston,

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We (my sister and I) proposed that you should receive 20% of the amount for your help in the transfer, then 75% of this money shall go to us, 5% remaining will be used to redesign our website to get rid of Adobe Flasher once and for all. (Let Mugabe keep the Flasher, we are going HTML5 and it rox.)

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